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Paweł Pacewicz
Office Manager, TT Kielce

In our branch in Kielce we create software for engineers – software that is always tailored to the given customer needs. Our branch in Kielce was founded in September 2014; our goal is to have 100 ­- 150 employees and the time we reach this goal depends practically only on the candidates we have and who want to join us.
We achieve sustainable increasing income and turnover and we plan to continue the development. Currently, we are working, among... More

Bartłomiej Tworek
Director of Development, Dorbud

The construction industry in Poland still faces many problems. The economic recession is slowly getting over; however, in the construction industry, and at least in the General Contractors sector, we cannot see it, yet. The situation on the market and the sustainable drive to develop in our company support our efforts to move our activities abroad (within the manufacturing operations and construction services).
Within our activities of... More

Anna Kaczmarska
Managing Director, UCMS

The outsourcing market for payroll and accountancy is developing with high dynamics; we can notice large interest of investors in the BPO/SSC sector and the location of this type of business in Central or Eastern Europe. To cater to the increasing interest of the customers with our services, we decided to open another branch in Poland.
While looking for the location, we were focused on the following criteria: the availability and qualifications... More

Paweł Kamiński
Vice President of City Core, the owner of KCB

Our company was founded in 2008. The purpose was to buy real estate property, we were carrying long negotiations that ended up in success – the building has been bought and we still have it our portfolio. We decided to run our operations in Kielce because we noticed the potential of development, especially in the sectors that, at that time, were practically non-existent in Kielce (e.g. B+ office space). It turned out that in many statistics and our... More

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