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Do you want to start a business? Do you run a business and need guidance? All necessary information regarding: setting up a company, taxes and accounting in the company, social security, employees in the company, necessary permits, concessions and registers can be found at - the official government information and services website for entrepreneurs.

At you will find out:
  • how to run a company in Poland. You can learn about the types of business, how to register a company, hire employees, cooperate with contractors and customers
  • about taxes you need to pay in Poland and get to know the rules of entrepreneurs' insurance
  • how to handle official matters in Poland. Visit the website to see basic information about contacts with Polish offices. Find out where and how you can handle business matters in Poland
  • how to confirm professional qualifications in Poland and find out how to handle matters related to occupational powers
If you want to run a sole trade, register your company in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity. This register is kept in the ICT system by the minister competent for the economy. In the Economic Activity Office located in the Kielce City Hall, ul. Rynek 1, you can get all the information on the establishment, suspension and resumption of business activity, both sole proprietorships and civil law partnerships. The office staff can help by calling: (+48) 41 36-76-233

Foreign nationals 

Foreigners have to follow the same procedures as Polish citizens to register a partnership, company or self-employment business and to set up any type of partnership or company defined in the Polish law. This is provided under the Freedom of Economic Activity Act which applies to all residents of EU and EFTA Member Countries, citizens of other countries who have been granted a permit to settle in Poland or a tolerated residence permit, as well as refugees or individuals enjoying temporary protection in Poland. 
Individuals who do not meet with the described criteria may conduct business activity in Poland only in the form of limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership, joint-stock company or a limited liability company. 


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