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Anna Kaczmarska

The outsourcing market for payroll and accountancy is developing with high dynamics; we can notice large interest of investors in the BPO/SSC sector and the location of this type of business in Central or Eastern Europe. To cater to the increasing interest of the customers with our services, we decided to open another branch in Poland.
While looking for the location, we were focused on the following criteria: the availability and qualifications of employees, the communication means and the distance from Warsaw. Likewise, we paid attention to the availability of office space, the assistance of local authorities, the IT infrastructure quality and the costs of operations and the office functioning. We also defined the type of projects that we want to run from the new office and the resulting process volume and we assessed the resources necessary to ensure the business continuity in the new venue.
Our analyses revealed that the most advantageous location for the new office is one of the cities out of the major BPO centres. We carried a detailed analysis for several Polish cities and visited for a few times 3-4 cities qualified to the second step in the project. Finally, our choice was Kielce due to the potential of the employment market, the location of the city and good cooperation with local authorities. After a year of the Kielce office operations we employ 50 persons but in the forthcoming years we plan to increase the employment up to even 300 employees.
We were assisted by COI in our organisational efforts and obtained a proposal of preparing the office space in line with our needs; the COI employees were actively supporting us with the selection of the best location. The contact with COI was always fast and professional, we did not have to wait long for the information we were looking for.
About the company:
UMCS Group Poland has been providing outsourcing services within payroll, human resources and accountancy since the 90s, being a part of UCMS Group CEE, an international organisation with operational centres in Hungary, Poland and Romania.
UMCS Group CEE (data for 04.2015):
  • 550 accounts in 26 countries
  • 270 employees
  • 70 480 payroll slips / month
  • 36 599 users of the HR portal
UMCS services are covered with ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

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