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Investment support

Investment incentives

Investment incentives available to investors have to be granted in accordance with the regulations on state aid for entrepreneurs. Investor may combine various forms of state aid, however the total amount of tax exemptions or financial grants provided to an investor cannot exceed the admissible amount of regional state aid. The maximum admissible intensity of  regional aid in the Świętokrzyskie Region is 50% for large companies (support for medium and small/ micro enterprises is increased by... more

Real estate tax exemption

In 2022 Kielce councilors adopted a number of resolutions dedicated to helping entrepreneurs operating here or planning to start business in Kielce. The resolution on the exemption from property tax for the initial investment in the field of newly constructed office buildings was a response to the trend and expectations of investors visible throughout Poland. It is worth paying attention to this act of local law, because it is an important progress in creating economic development in... more

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