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10 reasons


1. Human capital

City of Kielce is the capital of Świętokrzyskie province, inhabited by 1.3 million people. 28 853 companies runs its business here in Kielce, 308 are medium-sized and large companies. According to statistics, 143 registered enterprises falls on a 1000 inhabitants. Average monthly salary in corporate sector amounts to 3997 PLN gross, while the unemployment rate remained at 5.8% (2017).

Kielce is the main academic center of the region with 9 schools of higher education. Of the almost 200 -thousand population of Kielce about 25 thousand are students. Economics , Philology, Computer science and Engineering  enjoy the biggest popularity among all Kielce university studies. 

60 language schools operate in Kielce area, offering the most popular languages ​​(English , German, French , Spanish, Russian) and some infrequent languages (Italian, Chinese).

2. A convenient location between two major transport corridors

Kielce is located between two east-west transport corridors of international importance (A2 and A4 international roads) and east of a north-south corridor (A1 international road).
 The city is located between 120 and 180 kilometres away from major Polish economic development centres, such as Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice or Lodz

3. Investor-friendly authorities

Recently, Kielce authorities have increasingly often taken up initiatives intended to build a positive image of the city as a place friendly to new investments, innovative entrepreneurship and service outsourcing businesses. Kielce is a place that supports entrepreneurship and hosts many interesting cultural initiatives. It is also the main academic center in the region. The City provides a number of well prepared for outsourcing services office spaces, which makes it an alternative to large centers, mainly due to the attractive rent rates.

4. Competitive employment costs

In terms of average wages, Kielce counts among cities with relatively low labour costs. The average salary in the enterprise sector is very attractive for employers - it amounted to PLN 3590,76 gross (December 2015).

5. Sizeable scientific and research capital

Public universities in Kielce are represented by the Jan Kochanowski University and the Kielce University of Technology. Non-public colleges include the Public Administration College, Old Polish University, Świętokrzyska College, College of CompetenceSchool of Economics, Law and Medical Sciences, B. Markowski School of Economics, School of Informaion Technology and Telecommunications.
They are the perfect foundation for the development of the knowledge-based economy, relevant for such sectors as IT, construction, metallurgy or healthcare services, which are undergoing robust development in Kielce.

6. Strong business-support institutions

In the current financial perspective (2014-2020) a series of infrastructure investments that will bring rational benefits for business and economy is being planned. Works aimed to provide further attractive investment areas. Future modernization of the road infrastructure in the northern part of the city is expected to contribute in increasing the attractiveness of investment areas and facilitating an access to the most important to the industry and economy places in the city, including connection to Kielce Technology Park and Kielce Trade Fairs S.A.

In Kielce there is a strong business support environment, represented by:

Kielce Technology Park (KTP)  Kielce Technology Park is seen as an engine of economic development of Kielce. This place is geared towards innovation,  creativity and above all, open to cooperation with entrepreneurs from Poland. Park offers a modern and professionally prepared infrastructure and developed investment areas, included in the Special Economic Zone 'Starachowice'. SEZ's Subzone Kielce covers an area of ​​nearly 20 ha.

Pride of the city, Kielce Trade Fairs, has been contributing the dynamic economic development of the whole region. It is undoubtedly one of the most important points on the economic map of Kielce. As the second in Central and Eastern Europe exhibition organizer, has a reputable and stable opinion on the European market. Trade Fair's partner, the Chamber of Commerce and the Service Cluster "Grono Targowe Kielce", gathers institutions, associations and organizations related to business - mainly of the exhibition sector, printing industry, hotel and gastronomy, transport and training, and also in the fields of culture, sports and promotion.
Association FutureHub ICT Cluster has been established on KTP's iniciative and it is a response to the needs of Kielce software companies. Cluster supports local entrepreneurs of services and information technology solutions.
For more information about  business-support institutions go here.

7. Investment offers

Kielce boasts very well prepared investment grounds, including construction plots with convenient transport links, manufacturing and warehousing facilities, as well as modern offices which meet top standards. Investor Assistance Centre provides an online Database of Investment Offers , built in GIS technology. Offers include current photos of each property, both ground and aerial, as well as advanced panorama photographs.

An additional advantage of the website is the ability to generate an offer in PDF format and accessibility to find the location of the offer in the Geoportal of the City of Kielce.

8. Perfect conditions for work and leisure

Kielce residents like their hometown. This is due to many factors, including the financial support provided by the authorities for projects essential for improving quality of life. Significant undertakings important for the residents include the revitalisation of the historic Kielce old town (Śródmieście district), the development of the public transport system or environmental protection investments.
The authorities especially strongly advocate activities related to sports and culture, supporting e.g. the Geo-education Centre or the Kielce Dance Theatre. 

The residents’ quality of life is gradually improving, also thanks to the city being managed using the Geographical System of Information, which earned Kielce an award at the 2012 Smart Cities Congress in Barcelona. 

Kielce hosts a wide range of events offered by: Świętokrzyska Philharmonic, Kielce Cultural Centre, Amphitheatre Kadzielnia, Kielce Dance Theatre. They organize unique events, such as International Competition for Designers and Fashion Enthusiasts 'Off Fashion', which provides an excellent opportunity for young designers, people full of enthusiasm and creativity, introducing a bit of their individuality and originality to city's scene, and MEMORIAL TO MILES Trade Fairs Kielce Jazz Festival - one of the most important jazz events on the artistic map, an international event, that is going to be held in Kielce for the 15th time this year.

9. Kielce’s infrastructural developments

With the extraction of the European funds Kielce conducts a large-scale infrastructural investments that aim to improve the quality of life for the residents and also - conditions for business. City's main streets and municipal roads are being expanded and revitalized. 

In the 2007-2013 programming period, the City of Kielce has ended 15 important investments . Modernization and reconstruction of communication and transport system of Kielce, was completed under the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland. It involved  building communication hubs, streets, bus terminuses and bays; also the purchase of 40 eco- buses with mobile ticket machines, the purchase and installation of the electronic information boards and stationary ticket machines . 

All of  these investments followed by the implementation of the system of streamlining the passenger service and improving their safety, the capital of the Świętokrzyskie region boasts the most developed public transport in Poland.

10. IAC Kielce appreciated by investors

Investor Assistance Centre is a part of Kielce City Hall. It provides quality service of investment and post-investment support to entrepreneurs that site their capital here. The most important mission of COI is to comprehensively support companies interested in the investment process in Kielce Functional Area and to assist them with establishing business contacts with local partners. COI Kielce also supports local businesses by cooperating with universities, in order to provide investors with the best and adjusted to its needs human resources. COI willingly helps investors with the recruitment process. Our team was repeatedly appreciated by investors for the business approach, openness and competence in the field of knowledge of the local market and its realities.

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