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Socially responsible clubs in Kielce


It is said that mayonnaise flows in the veins of residents of Kielce, and their hearts are yellow and red, like the club colors of the Korona Kielce football team. However hearts of Industria Kielce handball fans' probably turn yellow, white and blue. We honestly have to admit that the...

read - a modern look at data


The latest issue of FOCUS ON Business magazine March - April 2024 is available now! It includes the article " - a modern look at data". The new city website not only supports local enterprises in obtaining strategic information, but also opens new perspectives for all those...


Invest in Kielce film


Today, December 12, 2023, the premiere of the new image film Invest in Kielce takes place. We show the most beautiful and unique places in our city, we boast about investments such as the Świętokrzyski Laboratory Campus of GUM, we present the academic potential, key economic sectors and how the...


How to effectively communicate with entrepreneurs?


The next issue of "Focus on Business" is now available! In the age of ubiquitous information available on the various channels it seems to be difficult to communicate effectively. It is not easy to catch the most essential news in the stream of others, to distinguish reliable sources from...


Active Autumn in Kielce


Will you be bored in autumn in Kielce? Definietly not! The capital of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship hosts many events in the autumn months. In addition to strictly economic meetings, such as the MSPO defense industry fair and the Polish-Ukrainian business conference, Kielce once again is a...


Kielce: the capital of digital innovation in Eastern Poland


The next summer issue of "Focus on Business" is now available! It includes the latest offer of the Kielce Technology Park addressed to companies from the SME sector. Kielce is the only city in Eastern Poland that received funding for the implementation of the Digital Innovation Hub. By...


Are you planning an investment? Check how to take advantage of tax exemptions in Kielce


The resolutions on real estate tax exemptions for newly built office and production buildings, which were adopted by the Kielce City Council in February 2022, are an expression of the open approach of the city authorities to applying investors as well as local entrepreneurs willing to invest in...


How to promote vocational schools


The City of Kielce focuses on vocational education. The project "Closer to business and to your dream job" completed by the Kielce City Hall has resulted in films promoting vocational schools as an attractive alternative to high schools. This material is available to everyone on the popular...




Kielce is famous for its unique bus station in the shape of a UFO, witches from Łysa Góra and windy weather ... But what distinguishes the city is also unique companies that Kielce are proud of, and have found their own niche on the market, offering high-quality products for demanding...


An interview with Bożena Szczypiór, Deputy Mayor of Kielce


An increase in the number of requests for new investments and zoning permits, as well as a higher interest in investment areas, have been noted in Kielce lately. Undoubtedly the pandemic has not stopped the economic development of Kielce. Two important projects for the future of the city are...

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