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New investment areas

Investor Assistance Centre of Kielce City Hall enriched its Investment Offer Database ( by three new properties. Currently 78 investment offers from the city of Kielce and neighboring municipalities are available on the website mentioned. Offers are divided into categories: halls, office spaces and investment areas, where two new locations has recently joined.

The first one is the area on ​​the Świętokrzyska street in Kielce, with the area of ​​1.62 ha, with the possibility of enlargement, if needed for an investment. The area is covered by Local Zoning Plan with the purpose of commercial services. The plot is situated in the immediate vicinity of the national road No. 74. There is a possibility of gas, water, sewers and electricity connection in a distance of 100 to 150 meters.

The second area is located in the Municipality of Morawica, in Bieleckie Młyny. Its area amounts to 3.86 ha; in Local Zoning Plan it is designed for industrial and commercial services and housing. The area is fully equipped with the utilities such us water, sewers, gas and electricity. The area is located in the immediate vicinity of the municipal road, but the distance to the national road No. 73 is just 1 kilometer.
Under the category of 'Halls', Investment Offer Database Base gained the facility located in Kielce - on Długa Street. This property shares an area of almost 1.5 ha and is fully equipped Moreover, the area is an office and warehouse building located within the property,  with a total area of ​​900 square meters. The building has all the terminals , including heating - technical condition has been marked as to be restored, refreshed. The area is completely fenced and has an access road.
On , under the Investment Offer Database tag,  the Investor Assistance Centre, operates in the Department of City Development and Revitalisation of the City Hall of Kielce one can see the full range of areas, halls or office spaces available in the city of Kielce and the Kielce Functional Area, with maps, photos, visualisations, and in some cases birds's view videos.

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