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Kielce is famous for its unique bus station in the shape of a UFO, witches from Łysa Góra and windy weather ... But what distinguishes the city is also unique companies that Kielce are proud of, and have found their own niche on the market, offering high-quality products for demanding customers.

ActivTek's mission is to ensure the highest standard of microbiological safety in buildings where people are present. The company belongs to an international group of companies specializing in providing systems of a new technology for the elimination of microbiological hazards from the air and surfaces. ActivTek systems appeared on the Polish market in 2010. It is an innovative system for eliminating viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In addition, RCI ActivePure® technology allows you to get rid of bacteria, fungi, allergens as well as volatile organic compounds and unpleasant odours.
Currently, ActivTek is the exclusive distributor in Poland of systems using the ActivPure® RCI active purification technology. It outclasses most of the disinfection methods used in buildings so far, practically in all fields. It carries a number of practical and financial benefits. It cleans and purifies the air, basing on natural processes.
What distinguishes the ActivePure® RCI technology from all others is the ability to simultaneously clean the air and surfaces in the presence of people, animals and plants. It is completely safe for living organisms. No other technology offers such possibilities. AktivTek is the best investment at a time when we all care about our health..
Interestingly, NASA recognized the ActivePure® RCI technology as one of the most important discoveries of scientists and in 2017 entered it on the world-renowned "Space Technology Hall of Fame" list. Only 75 technologies in the last 30 years have received such an honour. In this list, along with ActivePure® RCI, there are, among others, technologies such as: GPS, pacemaker (AICD), ventricular assist device (VAD) or cochlear implant (Cochlear Implant) for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Feel the City was founded by two people in Kielce in 2020. These people, apart from marriage, share many common interests, such as culture, art, design, street art. They are passionate about traveling, discovering new interesting places with atmosphere, but also looking for inspiration in places that are well known and close to the heart of travelers ...
Thanks to these inspirations, based on the local history, the only brand in the world that uses the symbols of Kielce was created: the Kielecki Mayonnaise, a bus station, T-shirts with an inscription stylized on the former Społem logo .... This is why Feel the City products are most often used as gadgets and souvenirs for residents and visitors. When creating products, the owners draw inspiration from the traditions of the Świętokrzyskie region, from the places where we live. This allows you to think about what is local and pay attention to the potential of the region. 
The company appreciates high-quality goods and the idea of sustainable production as well as timeless design. All products are designed by the owners and their production is entrusted to local manufacturers. Out of passion for fashion, the company also designs clothes and accessories for women.


It all started in 1987. Invex Remedies was established on the basis of the technology of the INWEX Innovation and Implementation Unit, which was founded in 1987 by an outstanding inventor, chemist Stanisław Szczepaniak. The founder of the INWEX company, as the creator of over 140 patents, was honoured during the invention fair with numerous awards, titles, orders and gold medals, inscribing forever in the history of Polish science. Stanisław Szczepaniak's son, Remigiusz, continues his father's work by supporting him in his scientific work and, as a co-creator of over 40 patents and over a dozen patent applications in the field of chemistry, is the co-owner of the company and the President of the Kielce Business Centre.
In 2002, a medical diagnosis revealed that Stanisław Szczepaniak was seriously ill. A very risky operation appeared to be the only solution, but without any guarantees of success. Mr. Stanisław eventually gave it up, but when he left the hospital, he made a number of tests, which showed, among others, that in his body silicon is present in almost trace amounts. He began to consume preparations containing silicon available in pharmacies, but the effects were not satisfactory.
The owner of the company took matters into his own hands and in the INWEX laboratory, under his supervision, research and testing began, and then the production of a preparation containing silicon. And so, out of the need to save his own health, Mr. Stanisław developed the first Silor+B silicon with boron dietary supplement, which helped him rebuild his condition and health. Subsequent formulas of the preparation were based, among others, on the therapeutic properties of gold or silver known for ages. After many trials, a unique and innovative monoionic technology was finally developed and patented.
This is how the excellent, reputed company Invex Remedies was created. On the basis of the developed solutions, formulas and monoionic technology (protected by patents), three lines of cosmetics were created, as well as dietary supplements in a highly absorbable liquid form. The offer includes, among others supplements with silicon, boron, iodine, selenium, vitamin B12, C, D3, omega-3, glutathione and biochelates (formulas containing valuable elements, such as zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese), as well as cosmetics: a rejuvenating line with gold GOLDEN TOUCH, cleansing silver SILVER TOUCH and strongly regenerating, silicon line ORGANIC SILICA, which not only affect the beautiful appearance of the skin, but also improve the condition of the entire body.

Cooperative WSP "SPOŁEM" started its operation on September 15, 1920. On that day, the first batch of household soap was cooked. Later, the company, in addition to chemical production, also took up the food industry, which over time became its specialty. Thanks to the consistent implementation of a long-term development strategy, the company currently has a very modern production and technological infrastructure, capable of carrying out virtually any order.
The second mayonnaise producer in Poland, one of the largest producers of mustard, and a major exporter of food to the markets of Eastern and Southern Europe. Contrary to appearances, it is not a description of a branch of an international concern, but a Kielce-based cooperative "SPOŁEM". This inconspicuous name hides a modern, profitable and dynamically managed business entity that competes on an equal footing with the world giants. At present, the company produces Kielecki Mayonnaise, known on the market for over sixty years, mustards and spirit vinegar produced since pre-war times, as well as ketchup, sauces, spirit vinegar and SNACK-Przysmak Świętokrzyski.
More than 100 years of tradition does not exempt from the obligation of long-term planning. The managerial staff, both in the sales and production divisions, was based on dynamic, creative people who know how to operate in a free market. All this together means that WSP "SPOŁEM" enjoys respect both as a business partner and as an employer. Due to the employment, production volume and share in the food products market, the company is one of the top companies in the city and in the voivodeship, and by many it is even considered one of the symbols of the Świętokrzyskie region.
In order to present the economic image of Kielce, we have selected a few unique brands that win the hearts of Kielce citizens with their quality and popularity. The city's ambition is that these companies, as well as many other local brands, should conquer hearts of Polish residents and hit foreign markets. It is worth trying and see if the products rightly deserve a high rating. We cordially encourage you to do so.

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