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Kielce attractive for the investor

More and more production plants and innovative enterprises contact the Investor Assistance Centre of the Kielce City Hall with inquiries about the possibility of locating their activities in Kielce or for help with expanding their existing business. Recently, we have observed a significant increase in the popularity of our city among companies from all over Poland, which is undoubtedly related to the investment of the Italian manufacturer of rims, the Cromodora Wheels company. The second magnet that significantly influences the growth of interest in Kielce among investors and entrepreneurs wide range of production (but also logistics) industry is the opening of almost 80 ha of investment areas in a perfect location, intended for industrial activities.

Strong production - the metal and machine industries are the city's hallmark
At the beginning of February this year The Mayor of the Kielce City, Bogdan Wenta, approved the land development plan as well as the architectural and construction plan and granted a building permit for Cromodora Wheels Sp. z o.o. for the construction of an aluminum rims factory at Olszewski Street in Kielce.
- We are in constant, ongoing contact with the investor's representatives, and just like throughout the administrative process, I also declare full cooperation of the city in the implementation of this investment. I appreciate the fact that this is one of the largest, and certainly the most important, investment in the city recently - emphasizes Bogdan Wenta, Mayor of Kielce.
The issued permit covers construction of a production building, a technical and service building, a social and office building and an access control building, as well as an underground fire-fighting tank, a ceramic pipe washing system and a bicycle shelter.
The city authorities emphasize that this is an important, priority project for Kielce. About 400 people will find employment in the plant, and another half a thousand jobs will be provided by cooperating companies. Cromodora Wheels plans to invest over 100 million EUR in Kielce.
Companies interested in development opportunities in connection with the new investment are invited to contact the Investor Assistance Centre of the City Hall of Kielce
Cromodora Wheels is the largest investment project supported by the Investor Assistance Centre of the City of Kielce. Other successful Centre’s projects include the introduction to the Kielce market such companies as Britenet or Transition Technologies, representing the IT industry.
Further development - investment areas
Investment area of 78.6 hectares of space is located in the southern part of the city, by the national road no. 73 (Kielce - Tarnów). Recently, there has been a change of owner of this property, extremely valuable for economic development. The representatives of the new owner declare their willingness to develop the economic zone in this area, allocating the land to the needs of the production sector, industry and warehouses.
There is no doubt that such a large investment area is an opportunity for hundreds of new jobs in newly established enterprises. Therefore, the priority today is to make every effort to ensure that these industrial functions of the area are preserved. We are working on updating the spatial development plan for three hundred hectares of land in Dyminy, and in particular 80 hectares, which have changed owners, declare the city authorities.
The Investor Assistance Centre of the City Hall of Kielce confirms the great interest in the investment area, after the former Belgian Brewery at Ściegiennego Street. Currently, several significant investors interested in locating their activities in this area are being guided.
For more information on investment areas available in Kielce and the vicinity, as well as proposals for halls and offices, please visit the Investment Offer Database, run by the Investor Assistance Centre of the City of Kielce at
Logistics and warehouse industry
An undoubted advantage of Kielce in the challege for an investor from the logistics industry is a very good location in the immediate vicinity of the S7 route, between Warsaw and Krakow, as well as the strong production industry present in the city and already developing companies from the logistics and warehouse sector.
The increase of the attractiveness of Kielce for logistics is also influenced by the opening of new investment areas and the already existing potential. The availability of warehouse space in Kielce and its vicinity is approximately 90 thousand m2, more than half of which is located in two modern logistics centers.
Tax reliefs also for offices
The city of Kielce has a constantly growing potential for the development of the office sector: 20,000 students, good quality of life, location between two strong centers, which are Warsaw and Kraków, by the S7 expressway, and companies that have been operating for many years make a favorable climate for investment. This is reflected in the proposal for resolutions on the property tax exemption for newly built office and production buildings, which were adopted by the Kielce City Council.
The resolution on the exemption from real estate tax for the initial investment in the field of newly built office buildings was a response to the trend and expectations of investors visible throughout Poland. This is an important progress in creating the economic development of Kielce.
The adoption of the resolution allows entrepreneurs carrying out initial investments to obtain real estate tax exemption for a maximum period of 3 years. The resolution introduces an exemption from real estate tax for newly constructed buildings with a usable area of ​​at least 3,000 m2, related to running a business, where at least 80% of the usable area will be high-standard office space.
The real estate tax exemption for newly built office space is a clear sign for companies from the modern business services sector and office space developers that Kielce wants to be at the forefront of cities with top-class office space and attracting the modern business services sector.
This is an important step for Kielce - resolutions along with other incentives for investors offered in the city, incl. human capital, competitive rental prices, or the support offered, are a bargaining chip in the competition for new investments.
Another important document is also a draft resolution on real estate tax exemption for newly constructed buildings or their parts and structures related to business activities in the field of production.
The draft resolution introduces a real estate tax exemption for newly constructed buildings or their parts and structures related to business activities in the field of production, constituting an initial investment, located in Kielce. The adoption of the resolution allows entrepreneurs carrying out initial investments to obtain real estate tax exemption for a maximum period of 3 years.
Closer to business
The Mayor of Kielce, Bogdan Wenta, considers good contacts with entrepreneurs to be a priority in his local government activity. In addition to proposing resolutions exempting real estate tax, he personally visits companies located in the city, talks with owners and employees. This takes place as part of the Closer to Business initiative, which aims to show the potential of local companies, support their development and promote entrepreneurship. Through a series of direct visits to the companies, the Kielce authorities want to present the current needs of enterprises and talk about how to support their development by creating favorable conditions for running a business.
So far, the president has already visited companies from the IT, production and food sectors. The visits are very popular in the local media, and more entrepreneurs are waiting in the queue to host the Mayor.

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