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Foreign-owned enterpises in the city - new article in Outsourcing&More Magazine

Foreign-owned enterprises create a significant segment of the local economy in Kielce. Although the city can pride itself on prosperous Polish-owned enterprises, FDI (foreign direct investment) ones create a considerable number of jobs and are a catalyst for technological innovations. Over time, these innovations are observed and implemented, through cooperative connections, in local small- and medium sized enterprises’ activities.

Sample of the text:

Kielce’s business services sector consists of enterprises whose vast majority is domestically owned. These include well-known providers of IT services and solutions – Infover, Trasnsition Technologies and Comarch. CCIG operating in the city, which provides outsourcing services, is also mostly Polish owned. Medicover, in turn, which owns one out of its two customer contact centres in Kielce, originates from Sweden.
Another office was opened in 2016 in Radom due to the need for providing operational security – says Anna Kotula, acting director of contact centre, Medicover Polska And, both Kielce and Radom are crucial for us in terms of investing in locations.