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JOBTOWN A European Network of Local Partnerships for the Advancement of Youth Employment and Opportunity3_jobtown_logos_300




The current economic crisis has disproportionately affected young people; in some parts of Europe youth unemployment has reached catastrophic levels. 

JobTown is a European network of local partnerships for the advancement of youth employment an opportunity, drawn from 11 localities across Europe.

This project seeks to address structural youth unemployment and poor employment, by establishing Local Partnerships for the advancement of Youth Employment and Opportunities, driven by city administrations, of local stakeholders, to advance youth employment and opportunities, as an approach to the development and maintaining of a competitive and sustainable local economy and social model. 

Within the general theme of youth employment and opportunity, JobTown focuses on:


  1. Developing effective models of cooperation
  2. Making education and vocational education and training responsive to the needs of the local labour market
  3. Matching employment and demand by improving analysis and forecast of labour market evolution and needs
  4.  Entrepreneurship - Support for business creation and development, self-employment
  5. Social economy and resource management: Innovation and how to do more for less?

Local Support Group

Each JobTown city has established a Local Support Group (LSG) in order to develop sustainable local partnerships for youth employment and opportunities.

Each LSG is to create/develop a Local Action Plan outlining their strategy to address different sub-themes of the project in their areas.

Lead Partner:
Comune di Cesena (LEAD Partner)



Kielce - Poland,

Thurrock Council- United Kingdom,

Latsia- Cyprus,

Gondomar- Portugal,

London Borough of Enfield – United Kingdom,

University of Kaiserslautern – Germany,

Rennes Métropole- France,

Aveiro- Portugal,

Aviles- Spain,

Nagykallo- Hungary,


Lead Expert:

Ian Goldring  



Ian Goldring,



More information about JobTown available at:

Inwestuj w Kielcach