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Your own company ABC

Types of business establishments in Poland

Company registered in the Register of Business Activity BASIC  DATA Restricted to self-employment business ADVANTAGES Basic accountancy system, simple solutions, low cost of registration  DISADVANTAGES The entrepreneur is liable with all his / her personal assets WHERE TO REGISTER In the Register of Business Activity (CEIDG) via internet... more

Property purchase

Purchase of real estate by foreigners Starting a business often requires to purchase of real estate by foreign investors. The rules regarding a property purchase by a foreigner are regulated by the following acts: Since May 1st, 2004 the permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairsand Administration topurchese a real estarte by the citizens or entrepreneurs of the European Economic Area (the EEA – the EU plus Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein) has not been required, with... more

Financial support for business

Development of the company often depends on the necessity of incurring extra expenses. Thanks to the thoughtful decisions these expenditures may result in the future revenues growth and/or in reducing costs, therefore they will have a positive impactonprofits. Before going into business, an entrepreneur needs to secure sufficient financial resources in order to be able to operate efficiently and sufficiently well to achieve success. If thecompany does not haveits ownfinancial... more

Guide for Entrepreneurs

“Investor’s Guide – Poland. How to do business” The publication provides information about the Polish legal system and the business environment. The guide directs a reader to useful tips about operating and running a business in Poland. It contains important information about Polish law, economy and finances. The publication is available at:   more

Steps to set up a business

8 steps to set up a business in Poland  The Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (abbreviated to CEIDG), started in 2011, is a register of enterprises operated by natural persons in the territory of Poland. It helps people to take the first step on their way to start their own businesses. Step 1. Registration in the CEIDG An application to register in the CEIDG available on the website: is to be submitted via a  digital form, which is... more

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