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UCMS Group Poland


UCMS Group Poland is another good example of the boom in the business process outsourcing industry expanding on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The company has offices in Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Hungary, in the early 90's they entered Poland introducing modern BPO serviced in the economy. UCMS Group provides services for 724 companies in 28 countries primarily based in Europe in the field of human resources, payroll and accounting. The company is considered a competent, flexible, caring and personal partner in HR, payroll and accounting processes thanks to day-to-day-effort put into professional and customer-tailored service.

At the beginning of 2013 a new location of UCMS Group Poland was opened in the Kielce Business Centre. Why Kielce had been chosen?   Anna Kaczmarska – the Director of Finance and Administration at UCMS Group Poland at a conference organized in April 2013 by the City of Kielce "Appetite for outsourcing" explained the reasons why they decided to open an office in Kielce:  

- "Looking for a location for our next office in Poland, we considered criteria such as traffic, distance from Warsaw, availability and qualifications of staff, supply of office space, support given by local administration, availability and quality of infrastructure, and finally operational and office costs. Our analysis indicated that the most appropriate location would be one outside the major BPO centers. A detailed analysis of several cities in Poland was developed and 3 or 4 of them qualified for the second round. Finally we decided to choose Kielce".  

Cooperation with the Investor Assistance Centre in the City of Kielce had also influenced the investor decisions. UCMS Group Poland made the first contact with the COI Kielce staff once the list of cities and the type of projects in the new premises was defined.  

- "We had organizational support from them and we obtained the office space offers in line with our guidelines. The next step was to visit selected locations with the COI employees. Contact with them was always timely and professional, we did not have to wait for the information we asked about .We already employed 10 people in our new office, but we plan to expand the number of staff to 150 in the coming months or years".



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