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Success stories


DORBUD has been on the Polish construction market for over 20 years. It is a well-known, firmly established and stable company which focuses its activity on general construction market (public utility buildings), housing and industrial buildings. DORBUD is a general contractor in all market segments. The company’s contracts include full execution, from the earthworks, the construction of the building, to the interior decorating and land development  including technical infrastructure. DORBUD has built over four hundred buildings in Poland, including many residential buildings (over 4 000 apartments), medical and sanatorium facilities, universities and school buildings, sports halls, shopping centres, prisons and other important public buildings. As a general contractor DORBUD completed a lot of interesting investments which are important for the city of Kielce and for the Swietokrzyskie region. They include construction of: Department of Nuclear Medicine equipped with... more

OdysseyClubHotel Wellness&SPA *****

OdysseyClubHotel Wellness&SPA , the only five-star hotel in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship was built on the top of Domaniówka Mountain, where the visitor can discover local landscape in all its dazzling beauty. Looking from panoramic windows and sunny terraces the guests can admire a spectacular top view of Kielce city and its residential settlements.   The hotel’s modern architecture blended into a local mountain and "warm” design of its interiors with natural, vivid greenery covering the entire walls make you can immerse yourself in the exceptional Odyssey’s atmosphere. A large swimming pool, a saline pool, saunas, and more than a dozen beauty and wellness salons create the wonderful spa area.   Piotr Syska, a local businessman, founder and owner of the Odyssey ClubHotel Wellness &Spa, when deciding on the location of the high-class facility, was taking into account local tourist attractions and the strategy for the tourism promotion adopted by the regional... more

Targi Kielce S.A.

According to the Report by the Institute for Market Economics on  investment attractiveness of regions the biggest advantage of the Świętokrzyskie is the fair and exhibition industry. The capital of the region houses totally 70 types of fairs, often with the best reputation in Europe. The infrastructure of the Kielce Trade Fairs, the second exhibition center in Central-Eastern Europe, consists of not only the most modern in Poland exhibition hall E and six other fully-equipped exhibition halls, a multi-storey car park, two modern entry terminals, and, most importantly, the new Convention Center.     - The company's strategy provides both development of fairs and strong intensification of activities in the area of ​​convention facilities. New Convention Center through custom solutions will meet a lot of features. It is for more than 1000 people and one of the elements of the congress building is a 57-meter high observation tower with a banquet hall. The modernization... more

UCMS Group Poland

UCMS Group Poland is another good example of the boom in the business process outsourcing industry expanding on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The company has offices in Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Hungary, in the early 90's they entered Poland introducing modern BPO serviced in the economy. UCMS Group provides services for 724 companies in 28 countries primarily based in Europe in the field of human resources, payroll and accounting. The company is considered a competent, flexible, caring and personal partner in HR, payroll and accounting processes thanks to day-to-day-effort put into professional and customer-tailored service. At the beginning of 2013 a new location of UCMS Group Poland was opened in the Kielce Business Centre. Why Kielce had been chosen?   Anna Kaczmarska – the Director of Finance and Administration at UCMS Group Poland at a conference organized in April 2013 by the City of Kielce "Appetite for outsourcing" explained the reasons why... more

VIVE Group

The VIVE Group history started in 1992 , when the first group company, VIVE Textile Recycling, which is also the largest organisational unit employing over 100 employees, was founded. Along the further development and increasing demand for real estate, transport and logistics and search for new sales channels, particular company departments were undergoing evolution and extension. The management was becoming more and more challenging, the accountability was not clear and the financial settlement system was getting more complicated. A natural step was to separate and create independent structures that could not only serve the company in a more efficient way, but also provide its services to other businesses. The newly-created companies remained interdependent to various extent, which, in consequence, led to the creation of a leading brand to embrace all the interrelated entities. Thus, the VIVE Group, currently composed on 9 companies, was founded. The founder and the President of... more
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