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Investor Assistance Centre implements the following projects:

Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme

The Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland, under Measure 1.4 of the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland , is carried out by long-term and consistent communication activities that will result in a systematic increase in economic competitiveness and attractiveness of the area, i.e. companies, products, services, capital, cities, places.    The main objective of the program is to increase interest in the economic offer of five regions, and thus... more

The creation and development of Investor Assistance Centres network

The object of the project is to create a network of services for investors in the Polish region of Eastern Europe, whose main objective is to actively promote the process of raising the level of economic potential and investment attractiveness of Polish regions of Eastern Europe by building a permanent platform for cooperation and an integrated system of services for investors. The target group of the project are, among others foreign and domestic entrepreneurs who are... more


JOBTOWN A European Network of Local Partnerships for the Advancement of Youth Employment and Opportunity       The current economic crisis has disproportionately affected young people; in some parts of Europe youth unemployment has reached catastrophic levels.  JobTown is a European network of local partnerships for the advancement of youth employment an opportunity, drawn from 11 localities across Europe.   This project seeks to address structural youth unemployment... more


European cities network for business friendly environment (EUC4BIZ) Two European capitals and five European mid-size and smaller cities, from five different EU countries, despite their differences in size, number of inhabitants, cultural and historical diversity, have identified unfavorable entrepreneurship climate as common problem which is to be discussed on the EU level. The project "European cities network for business friendly environment" ended in February 2015. Project... more
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