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Labour market instruments

Additional support for a new investment can be obtained from labour market instruments - financial instruments targeted on the unemployed and dedicated for their professional activation. They are also used to prepare staff to perform tasks in a newly-created workplace. It allows employers to reduce the costs of employment and provide professional training for personnel.
The basic forms of employment support offered by thelabour offices are: 
  1. Finding job opportunities
  2. Vocational guidance and career information
  3. Employee training and other forms of upskilling
  4. Internships
  5. Intervention works
  6. Public works
  7. The reimbursement of the cost of job equipment
  8. Financial support to train the candidates to work
  9. Vocational training of adults. 
These tools are available for public employment services and require submission of an appropriate application. They apply only to the unemployed. 

Detailed descriptions of tools, together with the current the amount of cash benefits can be found at the Kielce Labour Office ->> mup.

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