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Human resources and labour costs


The population of the City of Kielce ammounts to 195 774 people, including 71 993 citizens of mobile working age (18-44) .
The average monthly remuneration in the corporate sector is 4187 PLN gross. The unemployment rate remained at 5.3%
(April 2019).

28 430 companies are present in Kielce. 306 of them employ more than 50 people.

Average wages in the corporate sector is very attractive from the employer's perspective - it ammounts to 4 261,49 zł gross (2019)

Annually, 10 universities educate approx. 20 thousand students every year, providing 7 thousand graduates.

1. State universities:

Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce

Kielce University of Technology

    2.Business schools:

School of Economics, Law and Medical Sciences 

    3. Pedagogical schools:

Wszechnica Świętokrzyska

    4.Information technology schools:

School of Information Technology and Telecommunications

other facilities:

Społeczna Akademia Nauk University
Staropolska University
Świętokrzyska University
University of Public Administration

Upper-secondary schools of Information Technology and Electronic:

1.Electric Schools Complex in Kielce, Upper-secondary Technical School nr 4
2.Hauke - Bossak Information Technology Schools Complex, Upper-secondary Technical School nr 7
3.Non-public Upper-secondary Technical School - Vocational Training Centre
4.Mechanic Schools Complex, Upper-secondary Technical School nr 2

The expectations of students towards employers

Students in Kielce speak foreign languages and ​​enjoy an access to the information technology tools, they feel equipped with the theoretical knowledge that will help them in the labour market. Many of them declare that they will continue their educatation and improve professional qualifications (postgraduate courses, training, etc.) in the future.

A significant group of students share a professional experience - both in permanent and casual employment (ie. order contract, contract for specific work, full time).

Kielce students relatively realistically assess the situation on the labor market Świętokrzyskie. Students looking for work using various channels, mainly from the offer available on the Internet.

In the recruitment process, investors are supported by global and regional HR companies. Some of them have their offices operating in Kielce: Adecco, EP - Staff and organization, Randstad, Trenkwalder, Consultor, Pr Freelancer, Work Group.

Business costs

Labour costs (ie. The average salary, the additional costs) are responsible for approx. 70% of the total costs incurred by the company. In terms of average wages Kielce are among the cities with relatively low labor costs.

Świętokrzyskie province is highly competitive when compared to the labor costs in other regions. The share of the average gross wage in the region in the annual average national gross salary ammounts to 86 %.

The real estate market in Kielce

Kielce office market remains highly competitive, especially when compared with mature markets, such as Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan and Krakow. Average rent rates in the city are approximately 35-43 PLN per sq. m., which is about 30% lower than in cities mentioned. Kielce Technology Park offers even lower rates- 20-25PLN for the rental sq. m for enterprises located in KTP's Incubator.

The total available office space (dominated by classB + / B ) is 64 000 m². Most of office buildings in Kielce are new and recently upgraded, with a relatively high standard, with air conditioning, provided with an adequate number of parking spaces. There are four new investments being planned in the city of Kielce, with the largest consisting of six buildings within the complex called "Business Park Kielce", with a total office space of 36 thousand sq. m This investment  will significantly increase Kielce's attractiveness to the investors of the outsourcing industry .

The amount of business costs, that includes up to 80% for heating, electricity and cooling, depends on the standard of space rented.When it comes to the fees for electricity, currently the most attractive single-zone tariff for companies is 38.07 PLN per kilowatt hour.

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