City of Kielce

Kielce - the capital of the Świętokrzyskie Province, located in the south-eastern Poland, surrounded by major Polish cities: Warsaw, Lodz, Katowice and Cracow. With the population of 200,000 in the city and over 1,000,000 people living in the entire region, Kielce offers multiple strengths and benefits for investors.

The city is located at the foot of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains – the oldest mountain in Europe. This convenient location had made Kielce a significant commercial, political and military centre for Poland due to its defensive value and mining and metallurgic traditions. 

Human resources and academic background 

Kielce is the main academic centre of the whole region. 11 higher education establishments are located directly in Kielce.  The 2 public universities are the most popular among students: the Kielce University of Technology as well as the Jan Kochanowski University, which recently developed a few new specializations. 

The city has a population of approximately 200,000 whereas 41 thousand are students. Private universities present on the local market from the 90’s are also quite popular, including the School of Economics and Law, the Świetokrzyski Collage, the Bolesław Markowski Higher School of Commerce or the University of Arts and Sciences. 

Quality of life 

The people of Kielce like their city – as it appears from the reports of investors looking for the employees or the sales market right here. This is a result of various factors including the readiness of authorities to finance initiatives crucial for the level of life quality. As for the investments important for the citizens it is worth mentioning: the project of revitalization of historic Kielce Downtown, development of the public transportation system or the investments aimed at environmental protection (including modernisation of waste treatment plant worth 250 million PLN).  

The city authorities take utmost care for sport and cultural events, having in mind the development of such initiatives as the International Contest for Designers and Fashion Enthusiasts - Off Fashion. They also support various  institutions support e.g.: the Geo Education Centre or known of its jazz composition, the Kielce Dance Theatre

The quality of life is constantly monitored and improves systematically thanks to governing the city with use of Geographic Information System. Kielce was awarded at the Smart City Congress in Barcelona in 2012 for this system.

Climate for business 

The authorities of Kielce have been making a lot of effort to create positive image of the city friendly towards new investments, innovative enterprises and working in the sphere of modern outsourcing services. 

Kielce Technology Park, which operates within the Starachowice Special Economic Zone, has had new headquarters and technical base since 2012. Kielce’s pride, Kielce Fairs has been contributing to dynamic economic development of the whole region for years.

Within the structures of the Kielce City Hall there is the Investor Assistance Centre (COI) that aims at ensuring high quality of investment and post-investment services for entrepreneurs localising branches of their companies in the city.

Plans for the future 

The City seized the opportunity for a civilization leap offered by the membership of Poland in the European Union. Entrepreneurs as well as citizens agree that thanks to the major investment in Kielce stimulated by the European Union funds, the quality of life and climate for business improved significantly in recent years.  

The city authorities have new ideas how to activate Kielce and neighbouring counties economically to create coherent functional area.  

Kielce authorities, led by the President Wojciech Lubawski, have been taking a lot of initiatives to make the prospects of a new regional airport more real, e.g. elaboration of pre-design and pre-investment  documentation, establishment of a joint stock company responsible for the airport or purchase of 480 ha of greenfields from private owners. It is good news for potential investors, for whom  airport is vital, but not the key factor  when it comes to a decision then they locate a new branch.  

Centrum Obsługi Inwestora

Investor Assistance Centre

Kielce City Hall
Department for Partnership and Sustainable Development
Strycharska 6, Street
25-659 Kielce

room 501, 502, 503

phone: + 48 41 36 76 356, +48 41 36 76 557


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