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1_Dorbud_logo_smallDORBUD has been on the Polish construction market for over 20 years. It is a well-known, firmly established and stable company which focuses its activity on general construction market (public utility buildings), housing and industrial buildings.

DORBUD is a general contractor in all market segments. The company’s contracts include full execution, from the earthworks, the construction of the building, to the interior decorating and land development  including technical infrastructure. DORBUD has built over four hundred buildings in Poland, including many residential buildings (over 4 000 apartments), medical and sanatorium facilities, universities and school buildings, sports halls, shopping centres, prisons and other important public buildings.

As a general contractor DORBUD completed a lot of interesting investments which are important for the city of Kielce and for the Swietokrzyskie region. They include construction of:

  • Department of Nuclear Medicine equipped with the PET scanner (Positron Emission Tomography) for Holycross Cancer
  • Centre Technology Incubator and Technology Centre for Kielce Technology Park
  • "ENERGIS” - intelligent building powered from renewable energy sources - Department of Environmental Engineering, Kielce University of Technology.

In collaboration with the Housing Cooperative "Bocianek” DORBUD has also been implementing an unique residential project:  "Nowy Bocianek”.


DORBUD  takes an active part in the cultural life of the Swietokrzyskie region. It is DORBUD that  organizes the annual cultural event  "Art in the public space".  Since the company is deeply aware of the social responsibility of business it engages in cultural activities, also as a donor (National Museum in Kielce, Christine Jamróz Festival in Busko Zdrój), as a sponsor of sports clubs (Vive Kielce Trade Fairs and Korona Kielce) and as a participant in pro-social and charitable actions. It is impossible to list the all organizations which have received support from DORBUD for the last years.

DORBUD is an entity significantly involved in the development of the favourable conditions for doing business in the Swietokrzyskie region. It continues to work on strengthening the competitiveness of local business and represents the business community in the regional social dialogue forum. The organizational structure of DORBUD adjusts the size of the employment system to current market conditions. Currently the company employs 240 people and gives employment to other companies and construction workers through subcontracts. Hiring graduates from Kielce University of Technology is an important element in the creation of human potential of Dorbud. 65 employees of the Company are graduates from this University and many of them act as the middle and senior management. DORBUD is one of few mid-sized construction companies in Poland which is still owned by the native Polish capital.

DORBUD has investment courage and an innovative approach to projects. For more than 20 years of doing business, the company has gained significant market power and has been recognized as a reliable and trustworthy partner. In line with its growth strategy DORBUD continually intends to enhance its position as a general contractor and it is going to implement its own development projects.

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